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The EMPATIC (Empowering Autonomous Learning Through Information Competencies) project will create a framework for the effective exploitation of the results of the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) and related programmes relating to Information Literacy.

Its main aims are to:

  • improve current perceptions among policy makers in Europe regarding the role, value and implementability of Information Literacy in learning
  • pave the way for the extended piloting and eventual mainstreaming of information competencies in all levels of education and their integration in the reform of curriculum frameworks.

The core objectives of the project are to:

  • draw together and valorise the results of previous Information Literacy initiatives and projects across the school, university, adult and vocational learning sectors
  • use this evidence to influence policy makers’ perceptions and actions to support a marked increase in piloting and mainstreaming of Information Literacy
  • have a significant impact on validating new learning paradigms and strategic thinking on curriculum reform