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International Workshop - Adult Lifelong Learning Sector

Workshop Participants, Athens
Information literacy,  the core of lifelong learning

Venue: The National Hellenic Research Foundation, Athens , Greece

The workshop’s target groups were the stakeholders of adult education, who are the decision makers on the Continuing education, Librarians, General Secretaries of Ministries, Presidents of the Board of professional organizations, Presidents of the Board of relevant to LLL organizations, governmental and non- governmental organizations, university professors, LIS professors.

Workshop Chair

  • Anthi Katsirikou
    Deputy Director, University of Piraeus Library
    Piraeus, Greece

Workshop Committee

  • Prof. Christos Skiadas 
  • Dr Anthi Katsirikou 
  • Aristeidis Meletiou  (MSc) 
  • Ageliki Oikonomou (MSc) 

Keynote Speaker

  • Prof. Myrsini Morelleli- Kakouri
    TEI of Thessaloniki Greece

Workshop Poster

EMPATIC Workshop Poster - Adult Lifelong Learning Sector



Information Literacy in Lifelong learning

QQML 2011- EMPATIC Workshop

Presentation by Anthi Katsirikou
Hellenic National Research Foundation


Learning How to Learn: Information Literacy for Lifelong Meaning

Presentation by: Mersini Moreleli-Kacouris
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Library Science and Information Systems
Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki. Greece